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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology that is used to establish a secure, encrypted connection between a web server and a client (such as a web browser). When a user visits a website that uses SSL, their connection to the website is encrypted, which helps to protect sensitive information (such as login credentials or credit card numbers) from being intercepted by hackers or other third parties.

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that is issued by a certification authority (CA) and installed on a web server. It is used to establish the identity of the website and to secure the connection between the web server and the client. When a user visits a website that has an SSL certificate, their web browser will display a padlock icon to indicate that the connection is secure.

To get an SSL certificate, a website owner must first generate a certificate signing request (CSR) and submit it to a CA. The CA will then verify the identity of the website owner and issue the SSL certificate if everything is in order. The SSL certificate is then installed on the web server, and the website can begin using SSL to secure its connections.

Using SSL is important for any website that handles sensitive information, as it helps to ensure that this information is kept private and secure. It is also important for building trust with website visitors, as it shows that the website is committed to protecting their data.